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Image based analytics using drones, smart phones and IP cameras in real-time, direct to the Aero Ranger Cloud

Aero Ranger provides you with the tools you need to perform realtime image aquistition and analytics.

Enable your staff in the field with AI powered image capture, object recognition and analytics with real-time situational awareness.

Simple, safe and secure. Take control of your field operations on the ground, at sea or in the air with Aero Ranger.

Aero Ranger Features

Over the air live tagging

Patent pending technology enables you to annotate what you see with text, voice or hand-drawn notes live on your drone in real-time

Icon to represent High resolution imagery

High resolution imagery

Using the latest in drone, smart phone and IP camera technology, capture high resolution images for real-time AI analysis such as automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) and hotlist alerting.

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Anyone can fly

Aero Ranger drone control app automates the drones operations for take-off to landing allowing almost anyone to take to the skies. Includes a number of in-built safety features that make it simple and safe.

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Secure cloud web interface

Use our powerful web interface to create searches, alerts, or reports on the Aero Ranger Cloud . Control access and choose how you use and share your data. Aero Ranger Cloud is hosted in an ISO 27001 and IRAP Protected certified facility.

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Affordable and scaleable

Compatible with a range of off the shelf hardware including high-end industrial grade aircraft, smart phones, and IP camera systems depending on your requirements.

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Artificial Intelligence

Aero Ranger's AI is trained to recognise people and objects. It can also be trained to for custom analytics such as defects and hazard identifcation.

Icon to represent Full management control

Full management control

The command and control centre allows you to manage your data in addition to controlling and viewing the location of your camera and drone fleet in-real-time.

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Key Features

Example of Aero Ranger on a device
  • Real-time image acquisition
  • AI powered image analytics
  • AI powered ANPR/ALPR with alerting
  • Aerial survey and 3D scans
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Supported Cameras


  • DJI Phantom 4 range
  • DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro
  • DJI Inspire 1+2
  • DJI M100/200/210


  • 720p - 1080p RTSP camera

Smart phones

    iPhone 8 and newer
    Samsung S10 and newer
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